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Thing I used to vent,

Today, Cisco Sunday was awesome! It started off slow. I went to get my nails done with lindsay and got hit on by 2 Vietnamese guys. They were funny. Then lindz talked me into going out to World Market (I fucking love that store) and to Michael's (which sucked cause they were like out of everything). Then I came home, took a shower, and drove up to Port St Lucie where Cisco Sunday began. First I tried to dog-nap his puppy. Then, we dove to the mall and walked around. My fat ass ate a pretzel and bought a cute little phone charm. Then, we went to Starbucks (fucking delicious). Then, we went back to his house where his mother made fun of him and I played on the computer a little and laid on the futon. I wanted to take a nap but nooo... I was playing with the doggie anyways.. soo cute <3. Then, we drove to downtown stuart and ate at some chinese buffet where once again I got hit on ish buy some chinese guy. he was kinda cute except for his mullet haha.. Cisco says he looks like a monkey hehe. He's just jealous. LOVE YOU CISCO! lol. Then we went home.. and I went home home.. and talked to mike about names for kids that im not going to have lol dont ask. But it was cute... Ian told me he had a dream where I died But according to the vietnamese boys that means good luck so thats cool i guess. I talked to kyle alittle bit via text which is always nice. and now im talking to cisco sean and anish online.. good times..

overall good day.. good job guys lol

<3 chelle

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