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Oh, how times change.

Hello World,
I look back at all the things I wrote in this live journal and it makes me laugh. It's fun to see the old me and look at how much I have changed since then. I must admit somethings are still the same. I still love Cisco very much. We are going on almost a year now. I'm still a little confused with school but, I think I have a plan. After this semester I am four classes away from getting my AA. I need two math classes, Contemporary Literature, and History and Appreciation of Jazz. Then I can move on. I plan on transferring to FAU (even though it's over priced) as a Political science and government major. I can't decided if I should also get certified to teach. But, I also want to get certified to become a paralegal. So, I have a few roads to go down which, is better than no roads.
A Few entries ago I noticed how I was bitching about working at Quizno's subs again. Well, It's no longer an issue because in August Quiznos on lantana and jog closed. Luckily I have a job at South Fork High School teaching the color guard. So, Cisco and I moved to Port Saint Lucie where I tried to find another job. It took me what feels like forever to find a job. We actually gave up and decided to move back to Lake Worth last weekend. Then on Sunday I received a call from Duffy's on Saint Lucie West. Where I went and had an interview on Monday, Then orientation on Tuesday and now tomorrow I start training! I am so excited to have a job again. I was so bored.
Last Sunday I did something I never thought I would do. I tried out for Braddock Independent! I had such a great time. It was fast Paced, Hard, and a little nerve racking. But, I had the time of my life. It's the first time in a long time I actually couldn't wait to get back into rehearsal after a lunch break. I'm not going to lie, it was hard, kinda. But Oh My!! was it fun. It actually made me respect the sport again. I think everyone who is involved with Color Guard even if you don't think you can make it, as long as you don't get frustrated easy you need to audition for a world guard. It is the best experience ever!!
Other than that, thats really all I have been up to. My class starts in october (I love express classes) so all I've been doing is teaching and enjoying life with my baby and his family.

Good Night!



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